Havas Media Group Spain, the Havas Group’s media network, has signed a strategic alliance with S4G Consulting, with the objective of boost customer experience 4.0 through the development of unique omnichannel actions that combine the knowledge of people, the analysis of First Party Data and the intelligence of technology marketing tools.

It is an exclusive agreement within the sector of media agencies in Spain with Havas Media Group, which will allow combining the experience of more than 150 experts with 400 S4G Salesforce certifications, with the knowledge and specialization in communication, media, marketing and digital transformation of Havas Media Group, placing the media company in a privileged position in its sector, with the ability to offer new services related to comprehensive campaign management through all the solutions that Salesforce clouds offer, including Marketing Automation, CRM and Customer Engagement.

“The alliance with Havas Media Group Spain not only means working on large transformation projects together with one of the largest advertising, communication and marketing groups at a global level, but it also takes place at the best possible market moment. I am convinced that clients who benefit from the joint value proposition of Havas Media Group and S4G will achieve a differential position in the market. “, points out Javier Heitz, CEO of S4G Consulting.

In the words of Ester García Cosín, CEO Havas Media Group Spain: “At Havas Media Group we are committed to leadership in the transformation of our media industry, therefore, our commitment to new ways of communicating, interacting and generating integrated meaningful experiences must be a priority to add value to our clients. That is why we believe that this alliance with S4G will help us to communicate and generate increasingly personalized, automated and effective experiences, maintaining our commitment to create relevant brands for society ”.

How will the customer experience change?

The next disappearance of cookies will force companies to redefine your marketing strategies and the way you engage with your customers by collecting first party data. In this sense, the alliance will allow advising companies in the creation of omnichannel customer experience strategies, the development of identity management solutions and help them in the transformation towards organizational models Customer-oriented creating unique experiences in each of the contact points of the sales cycle.

For it, S4G Consulting will work closely with Havas Media Group’s specialized consulting, transformation and interactive experience unit, led by Marcos González de La Hoz, Customer & Business Growth Consulting. For the manager: Today’s customer demands a unique experience with the complexity that this requires in a multi-channel, multi-platform, multimedia, multi-brand, multi-verticality and multi-product environment. With this agreement we are going to combine communication techniques, media, marketing, and Salesforce technological transformation, from the experience and business perspective, solving the challenge of data traceability throughout all stages of the journey ”.

From S4G Consulting, Sara Mesonero, Sales Manager it states: “Starting from the understanding of the consumer and thanks to the technological layer that Salesforce provides, we will be able to offer brands very relevant information about their clients, their motivations, concerns, interests, and expectations, improving the experience and making it unique, measurable and scalable. . Thanks to this alliance between Havas Media Group and S4G Consulting, a superior experience (CX 4.0) will be provided by joining the two great pieces: understanding and technology that until now were not completely aligned. “


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