The script is worthy of a movie. In the Hautes-Pyrénées (Occitanie), a woman was able to recover her stolen dog in record time, thanks to the help of the police.

The facts date back to Tuesday, September 28. While jogging with her little chihuahua, this local resident was unable to do anything when two men grabbed her faithful companion, before fleeing by car.

Law enforcement to the rescue

But that was without counting on the beautiful star of this lucky owner, who – as Francebleu tells it – came face to face with a municipal police officer on patrol, who immediately chased the thieves. He himself then came across gendarmes who in turn went in pursuit of the two thugs.

Panicked at the sight of this incredible police device, they did not dare to go further in the chase and simply freed the chihuahua, which was finally returned to its mistress only a few minutes after being stolen.

On their Facebook page, the Hautes-Pyrénées gendarmerie praised “this cooperation between police forces” which, if it did not allow the arrest of the thieves, made the owner happy.


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