Haunting the Big Screen: 3 Cursed Movies and the Chilling True Stories Behind Them

Before conspiracy theories caused a stir on social media, we had urban legends full of usually gruesome and terrifying elements. And among our favorites there were always (and are) those that talk about “damned movies.”

We’re not referring to those films that have a lot of problems in their production, like Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola, in which huge sets were destroyed due to weather conditions or the protagonist had to be replaced. Nothing of that.

Cursed Films from Tragic Circumstances

We talk about cursed films from experienced extremely tragic circumstances that could well be a story worthy of a horror film. Deaths, accidents, somewhat paranormal situations… curses in (almost) every sense of the word.

So over here, we will tell you the story of some damn movies, the real events that led them to this category, and other interesting facts about both their production and their fictions (and yes, the majority of films on this list are within the horror genre).

Note: You will not find in this list The Exorcist or The Crow, considering that they are two of the most popular cursed films, and whose stories are already known.

The Omen

Actress Heather O’Rourke, the same one who said the famous phrase at the beginning of this section (and without a doubt, the image of the trilogy of Poltergeist), died at the age of 12 after a long period of illness that began with the symptoms of a common flu, until his death from cardiorespiratory arrest.

Two other actors from the franchise, died from physical ailments like the actor Julian Beck from stomach cancer and Will Sampson due to complications after heart and lung transplant surgery.

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Rebel without a Cause

Rebel without a Cause from 1955 is one of the most popular classics inside and outside of Hollywood. Of course, it is not only known for its story and the great performances by the cast, but for the presence of James Dean, one of those icons in Hollywood whose image is built in a myth.

Dean was one of the biggest promises in the film industry because he was physically attractive, but above all because he was a great actor who with three popular films (Rebel without a cause, East of paradise and Giant), he managed to build an entire legacy after his unexpected death.

And it is the first, the one that bears the label of cursed film not only due to the premature death of James Dean, but also of its two other protagonists in quite tragic circumstances. Dean died in September 1955 in a car accident on a California highway while heading to a race.

Many years after the premiere of Rebel without a cause, Natalie Wood, also the protagonist of the film, died during an accident. In 1981, Natalie was 43 years old, and according to authorities, after drinking, she fell into the water while she was on a boat. However, it has been speculated that her death was not an accident, but rather a homicide.

Sal Mineo played John Crawford in Rebel without a cause. In 1976, at age 36, Mineo was returning home from a rehearsal for a play. When she got out of her car, Mineo was attacked with a knife and bled to death on the spot. According to investigations, his death could have been a hate crime since he was gay.

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