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Has anyone won the bitcoin (BTC) lottery? Wallet is suddenly active again after almost 9 years

A few years ago, a single bitcoin (BTC) for just a few dollars. Since then, the price has risen almost exponentially and few people own more than an entire bitcoin.

Extremely few people still own bitcoins they bought years ago. Many of them are even accessing their bitcoin wallets lost and thus their treasure will never be found again. Sometimes things turn out better and investors suddenly become millionaires after years.

Dormant wallet activated

It seems very likely that something similar has happened recently. According to the Whale Alert service, which monitors the wallets of major owners, a bitcoin wallet was recently activated that has been inactive for 8.8 years. The wallet contains no less than 400 bitcoins.

Years ago, these bitcoins had a market value of around $4,300. The value of this bitcoin wallet has now risen to an astronomical $17.4 million. That’s a factor of 4000!

Of course, the identity of the owner of the wallet is unknown. It is therefore impossible to say why this investor only activated his bitcoin wallet again after almost 9 years. For example, it may be that the wallet is simply stored for years cold storage lay. It has also happened in the past that someone was given a prison sentence and then suddenly became a bitcoin millionaire upon release.

This year we have relatively often seen that inactive bitcoin wallets suddenly came back to life. In the first half of 2020, at least three giant bitcoin wallets have already been activated with a total of more than $110 million in bitcoins. Of course, this also coincides with the huge price movement that bitcoin has shown over the past year.

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