Harry Kane costs 115 million

Real Madrid continues to assess the options it has to reinforce the position of ‘nine’. To do this, he manages two paths: one, to sign a renowned striker, who will surely cost a sum of three figures (this, especially if Benzema ends up going to Arabia), and two, to bring in a man of less value (because he is young or because I’m in the last years of my degree, Joselu’s case) that it can serve as a hinge until the summer of 2024, when Haaland and Mbappé will be within range. For the first option, only in the event that Benzema’s departure is consummated, three names are mainly being considered. They are those of Harry Kane (29 years old), Vlahovic (23) and Gonçalo Ramos (21). In the last hours one more has joined, Firmino (31) who ends his contract with Liverpool. And among all of them it is Harry Kane, as reported by AS, the favorite of the coaching staff.

At this point, Real Madrid already knows what Harry Kane costs. Tottenham has valued it (sliding the news in the local London press) at 100 million pounds (115 million euros). The entity ‘Spur’ also prefers to sell the striker to a foreign club, not reinforce one of the Premier, and in this sense, Bayern Munich is the great rival of Real Madrid.

Harry Kane is one of the main players for the upcoming market. He is in the prime of his career, but there are already several summers that he has threatened to leave Tottenham and, according to those around him, in this one he has already made the decision to leave. However, it is not expected that the player will take a position of strength or that he will end up requesting the transfer request. This is what is called in the Premier a kind of unwritten law according to which the club must facilitate the departure of a player who publicly exposes himself to his fans saying that he wants to leave the entity. This was the path that Harry Kane took in 2021 when Chelsea and Manchester City fought over his signing. So, the Englishman was 27 years old and had three left on his contract… City left him in the lurch: his offer was left at 75 million pounds plus 25 in variables, far from the 200 million pounds that Tottenham was asking for to let the captain of the English team go.


This summer, now yes, it has been unleashed the perfect storm that can end Harry Kane out of Tottenham. First, the player wants to leave. This is essential. Secondly, the club is mired in an extraordinary institutional lack of definition, with a sports director, Fabio Paratici, who points to the exit door. Finally, Tottenham has not qualified to play European competition next season. It has been eighth. He did not achieve it despite the victory against Leeds on the last day with a double from Kane. The Spurs have not stopped playing in Europe (either in the Champions League, the Europa League or the Confence League) since the 2009-10 campaign.

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What is still not so clear is if Harry Kane wants to leave the Premier. Those who know him well affirm that he is between eyebrows to achieve a historic event, exceed the 260 goals he managed to score Allan Shearer in the Premier. Kane now has 211 marked in 319 games. He needs at least two more seasons to beat him.

At Real Madrid, this operation is not viewed with bad eyes. It is something similar to what was done with Hazard, who came from Chelsea for 100 million euros plus 40 for goals. In the case of English, it is a safe bet: he is, as was the case with Cristiano, obsessed with physical condition and nutritional care, which will allow him to extend his career well into his 30s. And he has the endorsement of the Madrid coaching staff.

His arrival will affect Haaland’s

The signing of a top-level striker, such as Harry Kane, conditions future operations at Real Madrid. Especially Haaland’s. With Kane in the squad, the signing of the Norwegian is ruled out and Madrid will focus on Mbappé. Both, Mbappé and Haaland, will be within range in 2024. The Frenchman because he is free and the Norwegian because at that moment a clause will be activated that allows him to leave City for 220 million euros. On the other hand, if Madrid signs a striker like Vlahovic (with a better profile of being able to be on the bench without being a problem), the Haaland operation would not be affected in the slightest.

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