Harry Kane: affordable signing for Real Madrid if Florentino eats his pride

In the Merengue team they need a striker 9 and they will not be able to wait until 2024. Carlo Ancelotti demands a top scorer and in English he has seen the perfect prospect.

The Harry Kane option was born in the offices of the real Madridin response to Kylian Mbappé’s refusal and the impossibility of Erling Haaland. Until the summer of 2024 both forwards (the French and the Norwegian) will be free (so to speak), but it is a rather long date for a team that is struggling offensively.

Real Madrid’s season can be summed up in one word, failure. And a great incidence of this is due to the lack of offensive power that neither Vinicius nor Rodrygo, much less Benzema, printed. Faced with this situation, hope has its own name, Harry Kane. However, it only depends on Florentino Pérez for the operation to take place.

Harry KaneReal Madrid
The only condition that Harry Kane sets to arrive at Real Madrid is that he has healthy competition with Benzema for ownership.

Harry Kane will go to Real Madrid with a condition that only Florentino can guarantee

The vast majority know that the English striker is a powerful dragon trapped in a small cave from which he cannot get out. That would be the metaphorical explanation to say that Kane has enough level to be in a team (Tottenham) that hasn’t won anything for 15 years. In fact, the striker does not have a single title in his record.

Faced with this incredible situation, the idea of ​​joining a team that secures at least 1 title per season (Real Madrid) has pleased the British attacker. However, he knows what happens inside the squad, and knows that his attacker Karim Benzema has a layer of protection. What Kane is asking for is that he can compete on an equal footing with the Frenchman, for the title.

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Real Madrid president gives Harry Kane the green light

It is true that in the last summer market they postponed the signing of Erling Haaland, since the priority was Kylian Mbappé. But neither one nor the other. The Frenchman ended up renewing with PSG for an exorbitant amount of money. Faced with the unfortunate event, Florentino preferred not to sign another attacker, but instead trusted Karim Benzema.

Time did not prove him right, as the French striker signed one of his worst seasons since he joined Real Madrid. With the lesson learned This time the Merengue president will sign a heavyweight striker, which in this case will be Harry Kane. As for El Gato, he will be renewed for one more year, on the condition that he will fight alongside the Englishman to be the starter.

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