Harmain Sharifeen: Use of technology to protect visitors from getting infected with the virus

Riyadh: Technology is being used in Saudi Arabia to protect pilgrims and workers from getting infected with the virus.

According to details, distribution of Zamzam water bottles by robots has been started in Makkah Mukarramah.

The administration says that with the help of modern technology, workers and visitors will be protected from getting infected with viruses.

Secretary of the Institute of Water Zamzam Badr Al-Luqmani said that smart robot technology is a very important and safe method in the environment of Corona virus and the distribution of Abzamzam is being done safely without human intervention.

According to Badr al-Luqmani, the robot completes one round in 10 minutes, during which time it serves 30 bottles at the service of the visitors. Is.

The robot does not interfere with visitors and does not impede movement. The smart robot is also multi-certified and has obtained CS from Europe.


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