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Harley-Davidson launches an electric bike that will make you feel nostalgic

Harley-Davidson is a recognized North American motorcycle brand. But as we reported a few days ago, this has been expanding its catalog in the growing segment of electric bicycles.

Recently it even brought the Serial 1 to Europe, where they will be sold in countries like Portugal for prices between € 3,499 and € 4,699. But now he presents to the public a model willing to snatch the most nostalgic.


Even if you don’t know its name, chances are, if you’ve seen American movies from the 60s, 70s, or 80s, you know about Schwinn Stingray bikes. During those decades, these were the “best friends” of many teenagers in the United States.

Harley-Davidson has introduced a new series of motorcycles called “1-OFF”, whose design closely resembles these legendary models. And if the look seems unappealing for today, nostalgia can play a big role.

The basic structure of these models is the same as that of the Serial 1, although the design is inspired by the models of the 60s, at least in the MOSH / CHOPPER model. However, it will not be for everyone.

This model ended up being sold in auction format on the official website of Serial 1. And whoever ended up receiving the electric bike paid $ 14,200 for it.

Remember that the Serial 1 MOSH / CTY is intended for the urban segment, and was launched in the United States with a maximum speed of 32 km / h. By regulation, in Europe it will be limited to 25 km / h.

The most expensive models, nicknamed RUSH / CTY and RUSH / CTY SPEED, manage to reach 45 km / h. Unfortunately in Europe they are also likely to be limited in terms of top speed.

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