Harden’s good game does not prevent Giannis’s victorious debut

First victory of the season for the Bucks, considered by experts to be the top favorite to win the title and repeat the feat of more than a year ago. To achieve this, the first stone they have laid is a victory at home for the Sixers, another of the outstanding teams in the Eastern Conference. A bad night for Embiid and a useless game from Harden in a team, the local team, which is placed with two losses after two commitments. Giannis Antetokounmpo acted as leader in the continued absence of Khris Middleton, the squire who will still have to be out for a while until he can return from his injury, and Milwaukee, where Serge Ibaka had four minutes of play, ensures the green in your win locker.

Harden (31 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists) was the best of this duel and has accumulated two good performances that, as a group, have not helped the Sixers win. Beside him suffered Embiid, who finished with 6/21 in field goals, and Maxey (15) did help. On the other side was Giannis (21 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists) as the first player, notable minutes from Lopez (17), Allen (12), Portis (11), by contrast, a very bad game in Jrue’s shot Holiday, who with his 2/15 was almost a drag on Rivers’s options.

Milwaukee had to wait until the end to confirm its moment. He had put in a good effort after finishing the break between halves, that’s where he hit the growth spurt, but he saw Philadelphia coming strong in the final minutes and had to hold his breath. PJ Tucker, with an action reviewed by the referees and validated after deliberation, had put the Sixers ahead with half a minute to go, thus confirming the comeback. It was Matthews who gave the lead back to the Bucks on the subsequent play. Harden did miss his final drive and Lopez was fouled on the first shot and missed the second, capturing his own rebound to finish off this tight matchup in Pennsylvania.

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Balance of these two teams:

Sixers: 0-2

Bucks: 1-0

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