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Harden wakes up to lead

Harden wakes up to lead

Positive point not only for the Sixers, who are gaining strength after the doubts of the first week, but for Harden. The base of the team is looked at with a magnifying glass and had already received criticism in one of the four defeats of his team for malpractice when directing them. The best player in the competition a few years ago has responded in the country’s capital with a record number of assists to dispel doubts and silence evil criticism. With this, he supported those from Philly to win the home victory of the Wizards and balance the qualifying balance.

Harden added 23 points to 17 assists, which is the best mark of the year for ‘The Beard’ in this facet. Without Embiid on the court, who was low, it was Tyrese Maxey’s turn to bear an important part of the responsibility in attack and he finished with 28 points. Harris and Melton, both 16, Tucker (13) and Niang (12) also helped. In the DC team, the best was a Kristaps Porzingis who touched the double-double (32 + 9) accompanied by Beal (20) and Morris (19).

Little did the Wizards approach at the end of the match. The Sixers controlled the advantage with which they gained in the third set well and did not let the victory escape after going eighteen up. In the last minute a triple by Porzingis put the locals at five, but Harden sealed the final difference with two free throws. The main difference between the two teams was the success of the shots that were made inside the perimeter, that was what gave Rivers’ team stability to make a difference that was later insurmountable on the contrary.

Balance of these two teams:

Wizards: 3-4

Sixers: 4-4

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