Harbhajan and Aamir clashed on Twitter, Bhajji stopped talking with this answer

There was a debate on social media between former Team India bowler Harbhajan Singh and former Pakistani pacemaker Mohammad Amir. It started with a video shared by Aamir. He posted a video of Faisalabad’s 2006 test match on Twitter, in which Shahid Afridi hit four consecutive sixes with four Harbhajan balls.

When marking Harbhajan, Aamir wrote that he was watching your bowling alley, when Lala (Shahid Afridi) hit your four sixes on four balls, but cricket may seem like, but in Test cricket it has gotten a bit more. Harbhajan responded to Amir’s tweet and it reminded him of the 2010 Trial of the Lord.

In this test match, Amir and his bowling partner Mohammad Asif were accused of fixing points. Later in the investigation, he was found guilty and suspended. Harbhajan wrote how no-ball happened at Lord’s. Who gave how much? Test cricket is without a ball, how can that be? What a shame on you and your other fans for smearing this beautiful game.

Harbhajan Singh did not stop here. It also reminded Amir of the 2010 Asian Cup game in which he hit a six with his ball. Harbhajan wrote that now you will also speak. The landing of this six did not happen on your home TV. Nobody passes … You are right that this is a cricket game. In this tweet from Harbhajan, Aamir replied hello everyone. I had to ask Harbhajan Singh to break his television. Nobody passes, after all it is a game of cricket.

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After Team India’s defeat in the T20-2021 World Cup, Harbhajan Singh is busy responding to former Pakistani cricketers on social media. The Indian team was defeated by 10 wickets in this match. For the first time in the World Cup, the Indian team has lost to Pakistan. Pakistan continued their World Cup winning journey and defeated New Zealand by 5 wickets on Wednesday.


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