Hank the Tank, this bear who in spite of himself sows terror in California

Hank the Tank has been wandering for several months in the region of South Lake Tahoe, California (United States) and his presence worries the inhabitants. This 220 kg black bear does not hesitate to enter houses to find food.

Since July 2021, the animal with impressive dimensions has already ransacked 28 houses in its quest for meals, reports the New York Times relayed by the HuffPost. If he has not killed anyone so far, his presence still poses a problem for the local authorities.

Euthanasia, the ultimate solution?

Indeed, neither the paintball shots, nor the taser, nor the sirens or the booby traps succeeded in keeping Hank away from the county. ” It is easier [pour lui] to find leftover pizza than to go into the forest,” said Peter Tira, spokesman for the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.

The authorities are considering the use of euthanasia, a solution that is debated. For his part, Peter Tira explains that Hank is now “no longer afraid of men” and therefore causes a “potentially dangerous situation”. But for Ann Bryant, executive director of the Bear League association, Hank “just sits down to eat” and is not aggressive towards humans.

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The bear defense association would therefore prefer that Hank be captured and moved. A solution that is not possible at the moment, all the adapted animal shelters being already full. In the meantime, experts and associations remind that you should never feed a bear, and that it is preferable to leave your doors and windows closed by storing garbage cans outside.

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