Hanif Mohammad of Pakistan played the longest innings of the Test, spent 970 minutes in the area

Hanif Mohammad was born this day (December 21) in the princely state of Junagadh, British India. Due to this area that went to Pakistan after the partition, Pak’s team got an unsurpassed hitter. Hanif Mohammad made his debut against India in 1952. His name holds the record for playing the longest innings of test cricket. In a test against the West Indies, he was on the fold for 970 minutes. Along with Hanif, see the list of the top 5 players who played the longest innings in test cricket here.

Hanif Mohammad scored 3,915 career runs playing 55 test matches. His running average was 44 runs. He also scored 12 centuries in Tests. The most memorable test cricket innings for him came in 1958. He spent 970 minutes on the fold in the test match played at Bridgetown in January 1958 on the West Indies tour of Pakistan.

In this test match, the West Indies declared their first inning with 579 runs. In response, the Pakistan team went all out for just 106 runs in their first innings. The defeat of the Pakistani national team in the continuation was considered certain. In such a situation, Pakistan starter Hanif Mohammad remained at one end and played the longest inning of his career (337) with 970 minutes in the penalty area. Due to their strong tackles, the Pakistani team was able to pull out this Test.

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This former South African hitter scored 275 runs in the Durban Test against England in 1999. He stood in the crease for 878 minutes.

Former England starter Cook played the third longest inning in event history 6 years ago. Alastair Cook was on the fold for 836 minutes against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi. He played a 263-run inning in this game.

Sri Lankan batsman Sanath Jayasuriya stayed in the crease for 799 minutes in the 1997 Colombo Test against India. Jayasuriya played a 340-run inning in this match.

The record for playing the longest innings against Hanif Mohammad of Pakistan was held by English batsman Leonard Hutton. In the Ashes series held in 1938, Hutton played a 364-run inning while staying in the area for 797 minutes.


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