Handsome and a liar the journalist from Pedrerol in El Bocho

The waters go down very troubled in Athletic and from Madrid it seems that there is an order to cloud everything a little more

It is clear that the season finale of the Athletic is not being expected. A circumstance that for El Chiringuito de Pedrerol serves as the perfect excuse to add gasoline to the fire. The controversy, the changes of course, signings, calls to other coaches… it is the ideal situation in the Mega program.

Last summer it was the elections that maintained the strong interest from Madrid in Athletic. On this occasion, for El Chiringuito de Pedrerol it is convenient to force a change of trainingr. Obviously not for sporting reasons, but because with Valverde the fellowship of journalists is practically nil.

nico rodriguez
Journalist who follows Athletic at El Chiringuito

The Pedrerol Chiringuito smells blood in Athletic

Pedrerol is interested in removing the hornet’s nest and for that he has already mobilized his pupils. All you have to do is look at the information being released by the journalists who are in charge of covering Athletic. A Nico Rodríguez and an Edu Velasco Jr who have been launching all kinds of negative ideas for several days.

What if the players are not happy with Valverde, what if the coach’s future is in question… But without citing any specific phrases or origin of the conflict. They launch all kinds of observations that trigger controversy and interaction on social networks, but without providing any real solution.

Athletic plays it in Madrid

We will see what ends up happening next Sunday in Athletic’s visit to the Santiago Bernabéu. As strange as it may seem after the very bad results obtained in the final stretch, Athletic still has a chance to finish in Europe. It is enough for him to improve the result of Osasuna.

If Athletic finally assaults the seventh place that gives access to Europe, surely the waters will calm down. A scenario that would leave the employees of El Chiringuito in a very bad place. From Bilbao they are convinced that in Madrid they are only interested in generating controversy.

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