Handball player Estavana Polman has made her comeback with the Dutch team in the run-up to the World Cup. However, the 29-year-old star, who returned after knee surgery, could not prevent a major defeat against Norway. The reigning world champion lost 36-21 against the strong Norwegians.

The Dutch handball players are preparing this week with a practice tournament in Norway for the World Handball Championship, which starts on December 3 for the reigning world champion.

In the first exhibition game against the home country, the Orange barely got involved after a reasonable first fifteen minutes. At halftime it was 19-11. The Dutch game was also not easy in the second half. After a rough start, the Orange scored ten more times, while the Norwegians continued to find the goal a lot easier.

Polman, who had only trained so far, came into the field for the first time after twenty minutes and also made some playing minutes in the second half.

Earlier this week we spoke to Polman about her chances of making it to the World Cup. Watch the video below.

Norway has been a fear gegner for Dutch handball players for years. At the last World Cup in 2019, the Orange won against Norway for the first time in twenty (!) years. At the same tournament, the Netherlands captured the world title for the first time in history.

The Orange squad will also practice against Russia and South Korea this week.


In 2019 Polman was the best player of the World Cup won by the Netherlands in Japan. In the run-up to the Olympics, she suffered a serious knee injury, which forced her to miss Tokyo.

It is still the question whether Polman is fit enough to go to the World Cup. Earlier this week, the mid-level player said that the Norwegian practice tournament is the indicator. After that, it is decided which three players will drop out for the World Cup and whether Polman is included.


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