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Hamilton’s secret clause in his contract extension with Mercedes F1

The English driver’s contract currently runs until 2025, but apparently it won’t go beyond that. In addition, the seven-time world champion is contesting his final season in the highest category of motorsport.

The season that Lewis Hamilton is going through is perhaps one of the weakest in his time at Mercedes-Benz and even in his automotive career. The Brit is in fourth place in the overall table and escorted Fernando Alonso only by 6 points. While the Mexican Sebastián Pérez is 55 units ahead of him, not to mention the advantage that Verstappen has given him.

At the moment the English pilot has Contract He will stay at Mercedes until 2025, but a secret clause allows him to leave at any time. For this reason he is considering leaving the British team at the end of the year. At the same time, he is thinking about his final retirement. News that would shock the world of Formula 1 and even global motorsport.

Hamilton Mercedes
Hamilton is fed up with his car no longer working and would consider retiring from his career.

Lewis Hamilton’s reasons for saying goodbye to Mercedes and F1

After winning 7 world titles, including 4 in a row (from 2017 to 2020), the feeling of helplessness at not even being on the current podium is more than understandable. It’s clear that the great English runner doesn’t like being accompanied by anyone, but it’s not his fault. The streak of bad luck is then attributed to the performance of his car.

Something is happening with the AMG F1 W14 E, the car in which Mercedes is participating this season and which will be driven by Hamilton and George Russell. The Hertfordshire team have repeatedly complained to the technical team in an attempt to resolve the ongoing issues. But every time they solve something, a fault occurs in a different area of ​​the car. A situation that makes the seven-time champion very tired and exhausted.

With the retirement of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso is on the verge of breaking an F1 record

Although the Nano is four years older than the Englishman, the latter’s retirement would leave the man from Oviedo on a silver platter, a record difficult to break in Formula 1. This is the oldest F1 driver in modern times. If we talk about the entire history, the bar is very high, as runners reached the age of 48-50 in the 50s.

The only one who could threaten Fernando Alonso’s record was Lewis Hamilton because he is a dedicated driver. But at 38 years old, he seems to have already reached the peak of his career in Formula 1. However, the decision to withdraw has not yet been made and is currently being examined. For now, the Englishman is trusting the gods to help him win the Singapore GP.

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