Hamilton’s pleas in fear of Fernando Alonso’s Alpine

The British pilot has left some statements that give a lot to talk about

Lewis Hamilton wants to get back to the top F1 for 2022 and therefore already planning with Mercedes a season that will have more protagonists, such as Alpine with his new car, with which Fernando Alonso intends to fight for the title. This is why the Stevenage he has gone on alert and has made some suggestions to the competition.

Let us remember that now the Oviedo will have a more powerful car, which has already been presented and causes a lot of expectation. This is due to the advances that have been made regarding its power, seeking to match the fastest of last year. Everything is on the right track and the two-time champion could give more war.

Future Hamilton
Hamilton calls for impartial stewards

Lewis Hamilton feels pressure from Alonso and makes some pleas to the FIA

With better performance, Alonso could represent a great danger for Hamilton, so from now on, the Briton has made certain requests. One of the ones that is causing the most media impact has to do with the commissioners. The seven-time world champion believes that there are some who have certain favorites.

And it is that in F1 not only are there going to be changes in the regulations, there will also be changes in the Race Direction. That is why the Mercedes driver has commented on it. “We have to make sure that we have impartial stewards as well. There are pilots who are very close friends with certain individuals.”

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The Briton wants guarantees regarding the Race Directors and asks for diversity: “that there be men and women”

It should be noted that this was something that Fernando Alonso had already denounced, where he referred to the fact that there was a preference for pilots of a certain nationality. This did not have much relevance and Michael Masi made sure that the rules were applied in the same way for everyone. Now that Hamilton has touched on the subject, it could be of consequence.

These requests made by the man from Stevenage only show that he feels that Alpine and Fernando Alonso could be dangerous rivals in the new season. That is why he wants to have complete control before the start of the race and put the Race Directors on notice, who, despite his comments, have sometimes had a certain inclination for him.

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