Hamilton up to the Mercedes F1 seat cap: New update flops

Hamilton and his struggle with the seat of his team’s most advanced new W14 car after noticing discomfort during the race

The seven-time F1 world champion, lewis hamiltonhas expressed on several occasions his unhappy with the seating position in your Mercedes W14 vehicle. Despite recent updates, the problems seem to persist, leading him to say that there is nothing he can do to rectify the situation. Thus, you must continue competing under the same conditions.

In the last two races, the team Mercedes introduced a number of improvements to the W14, in an attempt to address some of the vehicle’s aerodynamic weaknesses. These improvements include a new floor and the introduction of sidepods for the first time in the ground effects era, resulting in Mercedes being quick to adapt to the changes.

Hamilton Mercedes driver in F1

Improvements in the Formula 1 race but not in comfort

These updates seem to have paid off, as the team Mercedes achieved a double podium in Barcelona behind the race winner, Max Verstappen. However, despite these performance gains, Hamilton’s comfort in the cab continues to be compromised due to his forward position on the chassis. Hamilton has clearly expressed his dislike for the seating position in the car, claiming that he sits too close to the front wheels.

This adjustment, according to the driver, makes it more difficult to predict the behavior of the car compared to when you are sitting further back and centered in the vehicle. The F1 champion has commented that has always preferred a car with oversteer, which clashes with his current driving position. “Feeling like you’re sitting on the front wheels is one of the worst feelings in driving a car,” Hamilton said.

The updates in the Mercedes an advance in spite of everything

Despite his continuing concerns about the ergonomics of his seat, Hamilton has made it clear that he is excited with the direction they have taken the new updates of Mercedes. In particular, the new suspension has been a big positive for him, as it has given him “much more confidence” in racing. Hamilton is optimistic about how these improvements may affect his performance in future races.

He considers that the team has taken note of where they are and where they have gone wrong, and that they are now “trying to find my way back to the front“. The British driver has mentioned that Red Bull’s strategy of having a stronger rear end has proven to be advantageous in terms of early acceleration and corner speed.

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