Hamilton steals engineers from Mercedes for Ferrari

Toto Wolff says the team is ready to discuss a possible and important transfer to the Italian team

This was found out last Thursday Hamilton will leave Mercedes from the start of the 2025 season and move to Ferrari, but now the biggest news focuses on their respective engineers. It should be borne in mind that drivers who change teams are usually accompanied by personnel with whom they worked in their previous teams.

All of this can happen because they specifically ask their trusted colleagues to join them or because the people in question enjoy working with the pilot. In this way, the Mercedes team is usually open to the idea of ​​leaving familiar faces like some engineers. to help Lewis Hamilton settle into an unfamiliar environment.

Hamilton Verstappen
Hamilton will not arrive at Ferrari alone

The drivers who made important decisions to continue their careers in other teams

In 1996, the German driver Michael Schumacher was followed by technical director Ross Brawn and chief designer Rory Byrne from Benetton to Ferrari, as well as other important members of the Enstone team, all of whom were identified by the then Maranello boss. Jean Todt, as key elements of a successful package.

With this in mind and to learn more about the topic, race engineer Jock Clear followed Jacques Villeneuve from Williams to BAR in 2000, while Andrea Stella accompanied Fernando Alonso on the move from Ferrari to McLaren in 2015. He stayed on even after the Spaniard’s departure, eventually becoming team director.

Lewis Hamilton’s career as an engineer at Mercedes could be the key to his professional future

Hamilton has a special relationship with Bono, who has been with the Brackley team since the start of the Honda era, having started his career in Jordan. Although it is not known whether Bonnington is ready to move his life to Italy, Wolff indicated that he hopes the topic will come up. “I think it’s a discussion that everyone needs to have in the coming months,” Wolff said.

That is a complication Bonnington would have to stay with Mercedes until the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi on December 8th and then be available for Ferrari in early 2025. Should Bonnington be available for the race engineer position at Ferrari, the team would have to undertake a major reorganization for Mercedes.

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