Hamilton pleads guilty in case involving daughter

Josh Hamilton, a former Texas Rangers slugger, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge in a case that stemmed from an altercation with his teenage daughter, authorities said.

Hamilton, 40, pleaded guilty in Fort Worth, Texas, to unlawfully restraining a person under the terms of a settlement to dismiss the felony charge of injuring a minor, the Criminal District Attorney’s Office said. of Tarrant County, on their social networks.

State District Judge Mike Thomas sentenced Hamilton to one year of deferred probation, fined him $500 and ordered him to pay court costs, perform community service and attend parenting and anger management lessons.

Thomas also ordered the player not to consume alcohol, submit to random drug tests and have no contact with the daughter he held. If he meets the parole requirements, the charge will be dropped.

Hamilton’s attorneys had said the Texas Rangers Hall of Famer was innocent of causing injury to a minor.

His 14-year-old daughter told her mother, Hamilton’s ex-wife, that the athlete had hit her, after becoming enraged by a comment from the young woman.

According to a subpoena from a Keller Police Department detective, Hamilton’s daughter told authorities the player lost his temper on Sept. 30, 2019. She said she made a comment that angered Hamilton, who threw a bottle full of water at her chest, in addition to shouting insults at her.

He then threw and destroyed a chair where the teen was resting her feet, the alleged victim told detectives. Hamilton would have taken her daughter by her shoulders and lifted her from another chair, where she was sitting.

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The young woman said that she had fallen to the floor, before her father picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.

“I’m sorry,” the teenager would have said, according to her own testimony.

But Hamilton would have thrown her onto the bed, where he pressed her face into the mattress, before slapping her hands and punching her legs.

In her account, the young woman said that Hamilton had told her that he hoped she would tell a judge “what a terrible father I am, so I don’t have to see you anymore and you don’t have to come back to my house.”

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