Hamilton annihilates Checo Pérez and warms up his signature for Red Bull

The rivalry that warms up the engines and arouses rumors of signing for the Austrian team

In an exciting weekend of Formula 1 races, Lewis Hamilton once again proved his skill and rivalry by facing Checo Pérez, Mexican Red Bull driver. The British, seven-time world champion, clarified that he does not consider himself up to the Austrian team’s car and that, if he were in Pérez’s place, he would be able to bridge the gap with Max Verstappen, the current world championship leader. .

It’s been over a year and a half since Max Verstappen dominated Formula 1, but Hamilton has not forgotten the battle he fought against him in 2021. Although time has passed, the British seem to have an open wound from the defeat against the Dutch. In a recent statement, Hamilton said: “If I were in Checo Pérez’s car, Verstappen would not be in a good moment in the World Cup.”

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“If I were in Checo Pérez’s car, Verstappen would not be in a good moment in the World Cup.”

Hamilton’s future in Formula 1: Red Bull or Mercedes?

Hamilton has made it clear that he wishes to have a car as fast as Red Bull’s, but for now his future is not in the plans of the Austrian team. His contract with Mercedes expires at the end of the current season, and if he wants to continue with the Brackley-based team he will have to wait for his contract to be renewed.

Similarly, the Belgian Grand Prix saw a tense confrontation between Hamilton and Pérez. During Saturday’s sprint race, the Mexican was in a promising third position, but a collision with the front left wheel of Hamilton’s car caused Pérez to retire. Despite Hamilton receiving a five-second penalty, he was able to work his way up to eighth, earning himself some points.

Tension between the two pilots

This incident has generated tensions between the two drivers and the relationship seems to be at its lowest point. In response to the situation, Checo Pérez expressed Corralito to the press: “Hamilton ruined our game on Saturday, so today it was good news to add a 1-2 for the team.” Despite the rivalry and tensions on the track, the rumors about Hamilton’s future in Formula 1 have not stopped.

There has been much speculation about the Briton being signed by Red Bull to join Max Verstappen., forming a dream duo for the Austrian team. However, for the moment, these rumors have not been confirmed and the future of the pilot remains uncertain. But undoubtedly, the track will continue to be the stage where these two Formula 1 figures demonstrate their talent and determination in each race, keeping the fans on the edge of their seats.

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