In a fair way, after careful study and always judging only the incident in question that has been declared for investigation. This is the previous phase in which the Race Directorate acts when communicating sanctions, which have been toughened as a result of the recent losses that have occurred in the lower categories of motorcycling in recent months. There have been too many (three in four months) and not even that seems to have made a dent in a category like Moto3, where pilots can be more pressured to demonstrate a talent that keeps you with aspirations in the World Championship, than the fact of not putting their lives at risk.

Öncü’s action during the small class race in Austin was yet another example of this. and the aggressiveness that exists in the displacement. The Turk provoked a multiple accident after a very dangerous change of trajectory which involved three more pilots (Migno, Alcoba and Acosta) and which fortunately did not end in tragedy. But the consequences do not exempt the KTM rider from guilt and the stewards, taking into account the current situation, were stricter than ever when opting for a sanction that leaves Deniz two Grand Prix at home without competing. A decision that “was not correct” for Kenan Sofuoglu, manager of the Turkish pilot.

The SSP Champion spoke with Speedweek to defend his driver and also wanted to justify what happened on the Austin asphalt with an example of rivalry that fuels Formula 1 especially this season: “Even in F1 drivers like Hamilton or Verstappen drive aggressively. To be successful, you have to be aggressive. It is part of the sport. Today the pilots complain too much. “The Turkish agent speaks of reproaches on the part of his rivals caused by not being able to beat their pilots, and that is when they” look for reasons to complain. “But nothing is further from the truth. Although for Sofuoglu “the accident was caused by bad luck”, it was precisely luck who avoided another black Sunday that Öncü invoked with his riding and at an unnecessary moment, as he changed his trajectory when he was already ahead of Migno.

In case he had not given compelling reasons to exonerate his pilot, the Turkish agent He continued to argue in favor of Deniz’s innocence: “This is how it is ridden in Moto3 and SSP300 these days. But one thing is certain about my riders: they train more than others and work more than others. They pilot aggressively, but correctly. For me it is very important that there is no contact, but if you just follow your opponents, you will never win a race. ”Although what has been shown by driving like this is that it is not only impossible to win, but even to end up seeing the checkered flag.


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