Hamas leader’s first message since war began: “It is an unprecedented fierce battle”

The leader of the Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the real shadow power of this group, Yahya Sinwar, in his first public message since the start of the war, declared that it was a “savage, violent and unprecedented battle” against Israel.

The Al-Qasam Brigades will destroy the occupying army, they are on their way to destroying them and will not submit to the conditions of the occupation,” Sinwar said in a message broadcast on Hamas channels.

However, Sinwar stressed that the Palestinian militia is on the path to victory and overcoming the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), as neither Hamas nor the Gaza Strip will submit to “the conditions of occupation,” reports The Times of Israel.

Regarding Hamas’s performance in the war in Gaza, Sinwar explained that the Palestinian militia managed to kill more than a thousand Israeli soldiers, although the IDF admitted this Sunday that just over 150 of its troops died in combat . , adding the 300 who died in the October 7 attacks.

70 dead in Israeli attack

At least An Israeli airstrike on the Al Maghazi refugee camp last night killed 70 people and injured dozens. in the center of the Gaza Strip, on an intense night of bombings throughout the enclave.

“It is a new massacre by the “Israeli” occupation army in the Al-Maghazi field, in which they bombed four inhabited houses of the Muslim, Salim, Nawasira and Abu Rahma families,” reported the spokesman for the Ministry of Health – controlled by Hamas- , Ashraf al Qudra.

The spokesman also accused Israeli troops of bombing the main road connecting several refugee camps in the central area of ​​the enclave “to impede the access of ambulances and civil defense to the various locations.”

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