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Halo Infinite could be released on December 8, 2021, soon an official announcement?

After long months of waiting, Microsoft may well have revealed the Halo Infinite release date. According to the Microsoft Store lists of certain countries, the FPS will land on December 8. Some do not hesitate to predict an official announcement from the publisher in the days to come.

Halo Infinite
Credit: Microsoft

The release of Halo Infinite is a thorny subject. As for the players, the wait is long to find the saga that made the heyday of the Xbox in the 2000s. On the Microsoft side, we do not risk giving a specific date for fear of disappointing in case of postponement. Fans still got a glimpse of what to expect at the start of the beta, but the vast majority of them are starting to lack patience.

Sure, many rumors went there from their predictions. Mostly, all agree that Halo Infinite will be available by the end of the year, without really giving more details. Recently, a burst of optimism flooded gamers’ hearts when Xbox Mexico’s Twitter account, it seemed, revealed that the launch would instead be slated for November.

Microsoft to announce Halo Infinite release on December 8

Then, finally, the Redmond firm itself could well have spit the piece. As Italian site Aggiornamenti Lumia notes, an update to the Microsoft Store has shown the game with its release date in some countries. Thus, the title would land on players’ PCs and consoles. December 8. Information confirmed by an internal source who wished to remain anonymous. Short, it’s starting to smell very good.

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Before jumping for joy, it is better to wait for confirmation from Microsoft. If we are to believe the rumors, this one could very soon arrive. We can indeed expect an official announcement to be made. in the next few days, on the sidelines of Gamescom 2021. Remember that if you want to campaign in co-op, you will have to wait at least 3 months after the launch of the game.

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia

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