Halloween 2021: Squid Game costumes banned in some New York schools

Faced with the success of the Korean series Squid Game, the outfits from the series should make their entry into Halloween costumes. In New York, some schools have decided to ban them to avoid abuses.

This is the case of three primary schools, near Syracuse, which believe that the costumes of the Squid Game series would convey an unacceptable violent message to children. An astonishing situation since children going to primary school should not be old enough to know the Korean series.

In an email sent to the parents’ address, the schools explained their decision to ban Squid Game costumes for this Halloween. “We observed that some students were playing during recess a version of the Squid Game series, which is intended for an adult audience aged 16 and over. Due to concerns about the potentially violent nature of the game, it is “inappropriate” in school.

Squid Game too violent for children

District Superintendent Craig Tice supported the three principals explaining that due to the violence of the series, “the principals wanted to make sure families were aware that it was inappropriate for a student to wear. school this kind of costume for Halloween. “

Since the beginning of the broadcast of the series, many abuses have been observed in schools. Children reproduce the games seen in the series and violently beat the losers.

The Korean series aired on Netflix has already been viewed by 111 million Netflix subscriber accounts. It is an unprecedented record that explains the success of the costumes derived from the series for Halloween. Squid Game features 456 people participating in a series of children’s games that turn out to be deadly when one is eliminated.

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