Hakanson dreams of the Euroleague

Ludde Hakanson played in the Euroleague with Barcelona in the 2014-15 season. In total, six games. “I made my debut in a game that we won by 30, I used to come out in the final moments, when everything was decided.” reminisce. The current player has nothing to do with that promise recruited by the culé quarry. He goes almost from record to record and is one of the most fashionable basketball players in Spain. So he can be a desirable man for big teams. “No idea, I haven’t thought for a second about it. We haven’t even done the first lap yet. I am super comfortable here and I have had the best years here. I don’t think anything of it. I have always been very motivated. When things go wrong for many reasons and when they go well I am even more motivated ”, he reflects in depth. He has been working with a psychologist for a long time and it shows that he matures a lot the ground he walks on. “You have to know what to think about. If you lose your mind, it is more difficult to perform. I’ve got it on right now.”

Of course, it does not hide that His current goal is to return to the Euroleague. “It has always been my dream. Hopefully it happens before I retire.” Surely he gets it by seeing the level of his game. But the first thing is to exhaust the possibilities of playing in the Cup with Bilbao Basket and seal its permanence. “Until now we have been careful to think about that. Thanks to the first lap that we are doing there are options. The Cup would be an incredible prize for us and our fans. You have to win in Girona. We already saw that winning a lot on Sunday we don’t stop playing because the ‘average’ can decide who goes to the Cup. There is no pressure at all. If we don’t qualify, we can be proud of the first round ”, he emphasizes. Indeed, Bilbao Basket must try to win for the highest possible income in Fontajau, since the first round ends at the Palau against Barça and there they have few options. Del Girona points out that “it is a different team. They have Marc Gasol, who is a pivot and generates like a point guard, Quino Colom, Taylor… you have to prevent them from running because they are very good in the open field, “he considered.

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Ludde has worked for this, since his time at Barça, Riga, Seville, Fuenlabrada, Estudiantes and Polish Zielona Gora. “Yes, indeed, it’s my best season. I’m enjoying. Things are going well. There are many keys. First, the work that I have always done in the summer every day during all seasons and then by my teammates and coaches. I have this role with the help of the rest. I feel good, physically I’m fine. I had a small injury, but I try to take care of myself a lot, ”she highlights.

The rivals are focusing their defense on stopping the scoring rhythm of the Swedish guard, it was seen against Madrid, with four secants during the 40 minutes. He must find new ways to dribble those markings. “It is my next big challenge. Each time is harder. They also do ‘scouting’ like us, they are afraid of my shots of two and three -he details-. My challenge is to continue playing well against those defenses. Last week’s game is a good example. We have a lot of good players in the team who help me”. His 11 assists against Murcia left him on the threshold of a record: “I would have liked to have made one more to beat Salgado”.

Hakanson also has the virtue of being a versatile player. In Bilbao he has played two years as a base and one, last year, as an escort. and he has always delivered. “I don’t care, I like both positions, but I prefer ‘one’. My head works more like the ‘one’, but I love to score. In the teams there are always two generators, ”he maintains. He owes part of his explosion to Ponsarnau’s way of understanding him: since he “knows very well how to manage moments and people. In bad times he has made it clear that he trusts us. He transmits confidence and as a player you perform better and you have a better time every day ”. He celebrates the good chemistry that reigns in the dressing room, “that’s why we’re doing so well in the League”. “I think it is something that is perceived from the outside. Maybe Adam (Smith) and I are strong in points, but we have a great team. Xavi (Rabaseda) is an example, he can give you a great game by throwing twice. It’s a luxury to have players like that”.

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