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Haitians say harvest is hard but they do not want to be returned to their country

Haitians undocumented who work in banana, rice and cattle plantations, as well as poultry and pork farms in the Northwest and Central Cibao, say that the work is hard, but that they prefer to stay in Dominican territory, before they were deported to Haiti.

“The only thing you go through there is a lot of hunger,” proclaimed Calixte Pierre, one of the undocumented Haitians detained yesterday by members of the Army’s Fourth Brigade based in Mao and immigration inspectors.

“Work on the plantations is hard, but I don’t want to go back to my country.You are very hungry, here you find something to eat and send money to your relatives, little, but they can eat ”, insisted Pierre.

Calixte Pierre told Listin Diario that he emigrated to the country 12 years ago to the Dominican Republic, specifically to Mao, province, Valverde. “I don’t want them to send me back to Haiti, things are bad there,” he lamented.

But their pleas did not go unnoticed, because that is what other illegal immigrants from the neighboring country were thinking, arrested by guards from the Fourth Brigade with a seat in Mao and officials from the Migration Directorate.

Arrests continue
During these days, the arrests of undocumented people who cross the border irregularly from the neighboring Caribbean nation of Haiti, continued.

In less than four months, nearly 21,000 Haitians have been apprehended by members of the Army’s Fourth Brigade and handed over to Migration, an organization that has proceeded to repatriate them.

The commander of the Fourth Brigade of the Army in Mao, Colonel Germán Rosario Pérez, added that these operations are carried out, according to the intention of Major General Julio Ernesto Florián Pérez, following the instructions of Lieutenant General Carlos Díaz Morfa, Minister of Defense.

He said that the soldiers go through mountains, roads, water sources, uninhabited houses, buildings to detect illegal aliens.

More than 10,000 women, many of them pregnant, have been detained in the operations of the last three months and 23 days in the Northwest and the North border of Dajabón, said military authorities.

Many of these pregnant women, some arrived in the country with a few months of gestation and others at their final point of giving birth in Dominican hospitals.

In what has to do with the women in labor who lack a few days and hours to give birth in the Dominican Republic, even though they are undocumented, they guarantee their deliveries, but after the process they return them with their babies, a source from Migration proclaimed to Listin.

But when it comes to pregnant women with low gestation, that is to say from 1 to 7 months, return them, Except for some emergencies that advance deliveries due to unexpected circumstances.

Desperate Haitian immigrants try to enter Dominican territory in groups this Christmas, but the military and immigration inspectors prevent them

Soldiers chase them in the Northwest. through mountains, plots, farms, roads with little vehicular and pedestrian traffic and in turn in buildings and uninhabited houses. To this day, Haitians already detained more than 20,000 in less than four months when crossing the border clandestinely.

Meanwhile, operations have intensified on the eve of Christmas Eve, while Illegal Haitians residing in the provinces of Valverde, Santiago, Montecristi, Dajabón and Santiago Rodríguez, warned that they will come out of stalking, because they do not want to be arrested and returned to their country and even more so at a time when things have become so difficult in their country and that the military and immigration authorities have taken extreme measures to prevent the transfer of people across the border.


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