Haitian women arrested with 22,160 ammunition

The Specialized Land Border Security Corps (Cesfront) reported that it arrested two Haitian women yesterday in Elías Piña, along with a minor, who intended to introduce 22,160 ammunition into Haiti irregularly.

Members of Cesfront, assigned to duty at the Coronel Elías Piña Border Operations Base, detained foreign Milien Midrene Manessa and Fara Josef, aboard a white Lexus jeep.

In the vehicle they transported the amount of 22,160 capsules, including 12,000 caliber 7.62 millimeters and 10,160 caliber 5.56 millimeters.

Other seizures

The women and the minor were taken to the aforementioned base of operations where the vehicle was seized, and five cell phones were also confiscated, including three Samsung, Iphone and Krie Kraek brands, as well as the sum of 39,510 gourdes, 1,100 Dominican pesos and the passport number R10007902, in the name of Haitian Yvanosky Joachim.

The Cesfront specifies that the detainees, together with the minor, the jeep and the seized items, are in the aforementioned border operations base, for the corresponding purposes.

Regarding the Haitian Joachim, whose documentation was in the vehicle, he reported that he is a deputy delegate of the Belladère commune and, according to what Midrene Manessa, one of the detainees, declared to the authorities, is his wife.

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