Haitian Embassy in the DR is calm despite the situation in the neighboring country

The Haitian embassy in the Dominican Republic is calm despite the crisis situation and demonstrations that are taking place this Monday in the neighboring country.

A team from the Listín Diario moved to the scene and on the outskirts some Haitian citizens were observed with a manila envelope in their hands.

They were in lines and sat waiting their turns to enter the embassy.

Haiti is immersed in an economic and political crisis, with a wave of crime and insecurity.

Even this Sunday, President Luis Abinader recommended that Dominicans not travel to that country.

A few days ago, the Haitian embassy in the DR sent a statement expressing concern about the way in which deportations of Haitian immigrants are carried out in the Dominican nation.

“We recognize and respect the right of the Dominican State to apply its immigration policy against irregular immigration. However, we warn that some interpellation processes for the purpose of repatriation of our compatriots, including the conditions of detention, have not been respecting either the fundamental rights or the due process established by the protocol of understanding signed between the two countries, “he said. the embassy in the statement.

Also experts from the United Nations (UN) condemned the systematic deportation of Haitians in the United States.


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