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Haiti: US emissary denounces “inhumane” expulsions of migrants and resigns

The US official sent his resignation letter to the US foreign minister on Wednesday.

A strong symbolic gesture. US envoy to Haiti Daniel Foote resigns, denouncing deportations “inhuman” by the United States of thousands of Haitian migrants, while the country is plagued by the growing insecurity of armed gangs.

“I will not participate in the inhumane and counterproductive decision of the United States to expel thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti, a country where our employees are confined in secure complexes due to the danger posed by armed gangs that control daily life”, says Daniel Foote in his resignation letter dated Wednesday, September 22 and addressed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“We thank Special Envoy Foote for his commitment to the country and people of Haiti”, reacted to the State Department requested by the AFP. Daniel Foote was trying to expand his decision-making power over US policy towards Haiti, and the Biden government decided it was not appropriate to give him so much control, a senior official also responded under the guise of ‘anonymity.

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