Haiti resumes fuel supply after armed group truce

The capital and other cities of Haiti resumed supplying the fuel stations this Saturday, a day after the truce decreed by the armed gang G9 that prevented its distribution for weeks and thus generated the paralysis of practically all activities in the country .

"The day of Saturday 13 November is dedicated exclusively to supplying the different gas stations"wrote the Haitian Ministry of Commerce and Industry in a note posted today on its Facebook page.

A few hours after the truce announced by the G9, the number of people and vehicles increased considerably on the streets of the capital, showing that the population abhors insecurity.

"Early on November 14, the appropriate measures will be taken by the competent authorities to accompany members of the sector as well as consumers for a disciplined distribution of gasoline.", continues the note from the Ministry of Commerce.

This Saturday, the office of the Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henri, denied the information circulating on social networks that the Government had disbursed 40 million gourdes (local currency) to the armed gang G9 for "negotiate a truce to facilitate the passage of tanker trucks carrying fuel at the Varreux terminal in Cité-Soleil", in the capital.

"These are strategies of fabrication, intoxication and vile political maneuvers aimed at deliberately misleading the population.", reads the note in which the prime minister’s office denounces "with energy this campaign with destabilizing purposes".

In many gas stations, since yesterday, the presence of many cars has been appreciated to the point that there are even drivers who are sleeping in the place waiting for the start of the distribution.

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For several weeks, Haiti has been experiencing an unprecedented fuel crisis that has caused companies, schools, hospitals, the media and banks to reduce their uptime or close their doors due to shortages.

In the informal market, a gallon of fuel – whose official price is 400 gourdes – is being sold for 1,000 or even 2,500 gourdes, which causes an exaggerated increase in the price of public transport routes, which in most cases is triple or even quadruple.

The powerful armed group G9 Manyen Youn Manyen blocked the Varreux terminal, in the slum of Cité-Soleil, preventing access to drivers, to demand the resignation of the prime minister.

Last Friday, the G9 spokesman, former policeman Jimmy Cherisier, on whom a police search warrant weighs, declared 8 days of "truce and reflection" on the occasion of the commemoration of the Battle of Vertières, which occurred on November 18, 1803 against the French.


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