Haiti: Our problem even if we don’t want to

Haiti does not have oil, uranium, rare earths, or lithium but pure and simple mud when it rains, dust in the drought and hunger all the time.

Nobody has a good reason to invade Haiti with corporate investments in tourism or free zones or with armies or troops; there is no one who wants to take on the task of bringing order to this chaotic scene because, from the outset, everyone knows that, unfortunatelyHaiti is not a good business for anyone.

All other countries and international organizations can afford to talk about Haiti, propose, negotiate, remember or forget except the Dominicans and for a simple reason: Haitiwith plans or without plans, with or without an army, with and without armed gangs, without the need for anyone to intervene for or against, is and represents a fundamental threat to Dominican identity.

Haiti is a net exporter of hungry demonized while the guilty enjoy anonymity and impunity.

In addition to the consolation that the Dominican cry of denunciation against the peaceful, but very real, invasion of the Haitians can provide, despite the repeated appeal to international organizations to intervene and despite the first Dominican efforts of isolation, quarantine and separation, The reality is very clear but unpleasant: if the Dominicans do not understand that it is up to them to constructively assume the leadership role in the international management for the salvation, rescue and stabilization of the Haitian nation, then there may be no future for the Dominican nation.

Haitian chaos has the capacity to infect and aggravate all Dominican problems and deficiencies by pure contact, while, conversely, Dominican prosperity and progress are not spread by contact but require an intelligent, costly and long effort.

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We have wished and hoped for decades that the great powers would assume the role of benign interveners in Haiti, especially because they are the cause of Haitian ills.

But the reality is that they don’t because it’s just not good business for them to do so. All those countries can theorize and do nothing with the Haitian exodus but the Dominicans do not have that luxury; as I have maintained for years, we do not understand, we have refused to this holy day to accept that there is a role to play.

If we are not active and decisive actors in the Haitian present and future, we will be at the mercy of what others decide without our help and we can see ourselves facing very adverse situations decided by those powers at our expense.

Sowing hatred we are going to witness more than one massacre and then the international community, conveniently, hands us the bill. Our best business is not to demonize Haitians, but to actively associate ourselves with the search for solutions.

It is not a matter of conspiracies or plots but of political realism. France and the United States are the main culprits of the Haitian tragedy. You have to make them pay and assume that responsibility, but Haiti is so sick that it can’t even do that.

It is up to us to help claim that debt on behalf of the Haitian people and in the process, instead of demonizing poor, violent, backward and starving people, confront the real culprits.

The good news is that there is a solution but you have to struggle to work it out as shown in part II of this article.

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