Haiti congressmen period ends

R.F.I. Amelie Baron. The Caribbean country plunges further into crisis: the country no longer has nationally elected representatives. Today (yesterday) the mandate of the last ten senators in the country ends. This is because no elections have been held for over six years. And in the current context, in which criminal gangs control the territory, organizing elections quickly is impossible.

This end of the legislature is symbolic because, in fact, the Haitian legislature has been totally dysfunctional for three years, when all the deputies and two thirds of the senators left their posts without an elected successor to replace them.

Following the 2016 elections that brought him to power, President Jovenel Moïse had not held an election and his assassination in July 2021 further plunged the country into crisis. With no president, representative or senator, it is Prime Minister Ariel Henry who manages affairs, although his legitimacy is widely questioned.

It must be remembered that he was appointed only 48 hours before the attack that cost the life of the Head of State. No law provides for the vacancy of the executive and legislative powers, and the political class is at odds, unable to reach a compromise. What everyone agrees on is that security must be restored before a vote can take place.

Criminal gangs, which today control more than 60% of the territory, should be taken into account in the equation of the “elections” because they have large financial resources.

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