Had difficulty breathing but still took 5 wickets; Find out what Player of the Match Arshdeep said

After a stunning win in the Johannesburg ODI against South Africa, Indian fast bowler Arshdeep said he found it difficult to breathe only after bowling a few times. Due to the height of the ground above sea level, he began to pant. Despite this, he took five wickets and played an important role in bowling South Africa for just 116 runs. He was also voted the “Player of the Match” of that game.

After the game, Arshdeep said, “I feel a little tired, but this moment is very wonderful.” I would like to thank the team management for this. This level is very different from other levels. When I found myself short of breath after a few bowling games, I noticed the height of this ground above sea level.

Arshdeep said, “It’s a dream to play for the country and when you get a chance, it’s a great feeling. “I’m enjoying my role. I would like to thank Rahul Bhai. He had said that I should come back strong and try to take five wickets.

When asked about preparations for the next two games, Arshdeep said: “It’s about enjoying the game. “Going to Gkebaraha, we need to know what will work there. After that we have to work hard there too to achieve good results.

Arshdeep took South Africa’s first four wickets in the Johannesburg ODI. He also took the 9th wicket of the innings. This was the first time Arshdeep took 5 wickets in ODI. Previously, he had played three ODI matches but had no success.

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