Home Business Hacker group sets out and steals $240 million worth of cryptocurrencies

Hacker group sets out and steals $240 million worth of cryptocurrencies

Hacker group sets out and steals $240 million worth of cryptocurrencies

The Lazarus Group, financed by the North Korean government, has had some successes this year. In a report Published yesterday, security giant Elliptic describes how the group raised $240 million in 104 days Crypto stable.

North Korean hackers steal $240 million in 104 days

North Korean government hackers are known for their large-scale crypto hacks. In recent years the group has influenced many investors. Some of the biggest hacks that have taken place this year have come from FBI assigned to the group.

In the last 104 days, the group has stolen almost $240 million. This includes the Atomic wallet hack (Damage: $100 million), Alphapo hack (Damage: $60 million) and the Stake.com hack (Damage: $41 million).

Four days ago, the crypto exchange CoinEx was hit by a hack. Damage is estimated at between $53 million and $55 million. The stolen tokens were transferred to a wallet where stolen coins from Stake.com were sent. So there are many reasons to suspect that the Lazarus Group is behind the hack.

Lazarus is responsible for many major crypto hacks

The CoinEx hack would bring the total amount stolen in the last 104 days to $271.3 million. No major crypto hacks were attributed to the group between June 2022 and June of this year. This makes the group’s many hacks since June of this year even more special. It signals an increase in activity to combat the North Korean threat.

The group is responsible for some of the largest hacks ever carried out. This includes the Ronin Bridge Hack, which grosses $540 million. The group was also behind the Harmony Horizon hack, which caused a total loss of $100 million. Both hacks were involved Bridge protocolswho are known for their vulnerability.

North Korea uses the stolen amounts to finance weapons programs. North Korea’s nuclear weapons program was largely financed with crypto. Compared to last year, Lazarus’ loot has dropped by 80%, but this is due to improved security is controversial.

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