Haaland, priority objective

Madrid reactivates the ‘Operation Haaland’, which it already considers a priority objective for the summer of 2024, an independent fact of the possible arrival of Mbappé. The white club is going to move all the necessary mechanisms to be the best positioned in the event that the Norwegian forward decides that he wants to change that summer, the first in which the clause that allows him to leave City is activated and that, according to the information managed by AS, is in a range that goes from 220 to 240 million euros.

Very contrary to what happened in 2022, on this occasion the timing It accompanies perfectly in Madrid for the signing of Haaland. The white club will offer Benzema one more year of contract, which will end in 2024 and who will be able to have a star replacement in the Norwegian when Karim ends his career at the club. From now on Madrid will resume the rapprochement with Haaland’s environment to be in the pole for his signing.

They were ties that were already strengthened by the summer of 2022. But then Benzema was at his best (so much so that he was awarded the Ballon d’Or), and the operation was impossible despite the fact that Haaland and his family were very willing to to wear white. By the year 2024 everything will depend on the killer Norwegian, really, wants a change of scenery and how happy he feels or not at City. In any case, that release clause is maintained for the years 2025 and 2026. The Norwegian ends his contract with City in 2027, when he will be 25 years old.

At Real Madrid there is already exact knowledge of Haaland’s contractual situation and they know that their signing is possible. And there is absolute calm regarding the latest information indicating that Haaland’s release clause was linked to Guardiola’s contract, which he has renewed until 2025.

Pep Guardiola grabs Haaland's shirt while giving instructions to the Norwegian in the FA Cup quarter-final match against Burnley.
Pep Guardiola grabs Haaland’s shirt while giving instructions to the Norwegian in the FA Cup quarter-final match against Burnley.PHIL NOBLEREUTERS

Although it is true that the Catalan coach was one of the reasons that brought Haaland to City, it is not true that the player’s contract is linked to that of the coach. Within City there is beginning to be concern about Haaland’s future. So much so that first they wanted to establish in public opinion that this release clause did not existas Guardiola himself stated (“They are only rumors, there is no specific clause,” he said then), and that later it was leaked from Manchester that the contracts of both are linked… It is not so.

At Real Madrid they begin to take stock of the possibility of bringing together Haaland, Mbappé and Vinicius up front for Real Madrid to mark a galactic era playing at the luxurious Nuevo Bernabéu. By the summer of 2024, when Mbappé is free and when Haaland gets within range, the club will have freed up a large part of its salary bill.. After that date, Benzema, Hazard, Modric and perhaps Kroos will no longer be on the squad. Between the four of them, Madrid will save more than 50 million euros in salaries alone, which would serve to pay the two stars if it is feasible to bring them in at the same time.

Haaland jumps in a move from the FA Cup match against Burnley.
Haaland jumps in a move from the FA Cup match against Burnley.OLI SCARFFAFP

Anyway, The Mbappé issue continues to be thorny in the offices of the BernabéuSuch was the slight that he made to Florentino last summer. Haaland, on the other hand, shows match by match that he is the striker of the future. His numbers are impressive: 42 goals he has already scored in the first 37 games he has played with City. Of them, 28 in 26 Premier League games and 10 in 6 in the Champions League. Something historical.

But Haaland is much more than the goals he contributes on the pitch. It’s an advertising reef. In the next few days the new contract that will unite him with the Nike brand will be announced. A relationship that will last at least 15 years in time and for which Haaland will charge more than 20 million euros per year. Being a contract signed before his hypothetical arrival at Real Madrid, 100% of it will be for the player. Madrid has the habit of sharing 50% of the image rights with its footballers, but only on what is signed after his arrival.

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