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Haaland already sees himself playing in Spain

Erling Haaland continues to burn stages to decide his professional future, that from June it will be increasingly away from Borussia Dortmund and closer to Spain. And more specifically of Real Madrid, despite the fact that Joan Laporta and Barça are still on the prowl. The Norwegian gunboat has spent these days off in Marbella with his family, where he has had a house of his own since a year ago his father decided to invest in the Malaga town. We already informed you in his day that Haaland’s father is in love with Spain, the sun and its well-cared golf courses, his great passion apart from football.

His son Erling is already a regular in the training fields (there he has recovered from his last injuries), restaurants and supermarkets in Marbella, where he has been seen these last days of the year (the Bundesliga does not return for the Norwegian until today January 8, in which Dortmund will play at Eintracht Frankfurt). Some fans have recognized him, something of little credit for his colossal size and spectacular physique. When they approached him and asked him where he will play next year, he smiled with a similar answer: “I will play here, in Spain.”

Obviously, Haaland is not going to get wet about the identity of the team in which he will continue his spectacular scoring career, but he knows that Madrid is the best placed team in view of the fact that Barcelona cannot satisfy the financial needs of the footballer, from his agent Mino Raiola, the player’s father and Borussia Dortmund himself, who expects to get between 90 and 100 million in transfer.

Haaland has boasted these days in his social networks that he has scored 76 goals in 75 games for Borussia, a brutal average of more than one goal per game, something that Cristiano Ronaldo has only followed at these levels (the Portuguese scored 450 goals in Madrid in 438 matches). That supports his high claims, and that Dortmund is willing to raise his salary to 20 million euros per year by skipping all his salary scales to convince him to stay one more year. But Haaland doesn’t want to wait any longer.

He himself already left an enigmatic message very much like Mbappé days ago: “My next six months in Dortmund will be my best six months.” It is curious that both Mbappé and Haaland seem to coincide in wanting to say goodbye to their clubs through the front door and showing that the great double bet that Madrid and Florentino Pérez want to make for them is more than justified.

The truth is that with each passing day the white fans have more reasons to dream of a new Bernabéu with four megastars playing at the same time on its modernized pitch: Mbappé, Benzema, Haaland and Vinicius. Against that there are no club-states that can compete …

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