H2, H&M’s platform for creative partnerships

H&M has announced a long-term partnership with Heron Preston. The creative visionary teams up with the legendary Swedish fashion house to launch a new, multi-faceted platform called “ H2This includes unique capsule collections and mentoring for H&M’s design teams, the discovery and mentoring of young creative talent, and circular innovation programs underpinned by a commitment to closing the fashion loop. Together, These four pillars represent an experience in which new product approaches and people emerge and processes will equally play a role in bringing to life the shared values ​​of H&M and Heron Preston.

Heron Preston is a creative force in the industry and has distinguished himself as a versatile artist with a unique perspective and a strong story. H2 was born out of a similar vision from H&M and Heron about the future of fashion, but also about how we need to work together in new ways to achieve new goals. We look forward to showing the world what we can build together, said Daniel Herrmann, head of men’s fashion at H&M.

Four pillars in H2

As a multi-dimensional creative, Heron will bring his unique perspectives and experiences to H&M’s broader offering, with a focus on menswear, with the aim of improving the range and customer experiences and inspiring new ways of thinking and working. Heron will work closely with H&M’s creative teams to generate new energy and share his expertise through interactive seminars.

Aside from that, H2 will present Seasonal collections that explore new concepts of durability, longevity and versatility, while making Heron’s uncompromising creative vision democratic and accessible. H2 will approach collection work with an “open source” mindset, transparently sharing information throughout the design process and providing customers with tools to learn, engage and create their own, adding new layers to the mission to democratize fashion.

Finally, one of the key points of H2 will serve as a testing ground to explore the future of circular fashion. By combining Heron’s unique passion and creativity with H&M’s extensive knowledge and resources, H2 will (continuously) launch experimental projects that apply circular thinking to create bold new experiences and engage the community to participate, with the goal of testing , learning and scaling. In the second half of the year, both parties want to further advance their joint commitment to closing the fashion circle.

More information about the many initiatives and collections led by Heron Preston will be released in the coming months.

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