Gynecologist will spend 20 years in prison for sexual abuse of patients

A gynecologist who practiced at Columbia University Hospital in New York was sentenced Monday in federal court to serve 20 years in prison on charges of sexual abuse of patients committed in his Manhattan office, ABC channel 7 reports.

Robert Hadden, 64, has been sentenced to 20 years for each of the four charges being tried, pBut in total he will be 20 in prison because he will serve his sentence concurrently; Of course, when he leaves he will have to spend the rest of his life under the supervision of the authorities.

The doctor was found guilty last January in the federal court for the southern district of New York in Manhattan for the assaults on four women he seduced into traveling from New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania for OB/GYN appointments at their New York office.

“He’s a sexual predator disguised in a white coat”said one of 11 women who spoke anonymously in court last month as part of the proceedings against Hadden and recounted their experiences.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center and Presbyterian Hospital, both in New York, where Hadden was on their staff before he was charged, separately settled with 226 former patients, who were awarded a total of $236 million.

Six years ago, Hadden admitted to sexual assault in an agreement with the local Manhattan District Attorney’s Office that allowed him not to go to jail, which angered dozens of women.

Hadden, a New Jersey native, was free during his trial but has been in prison since being found guilty by a jury last January.

“This case is horrendous like no other in my beyond extraordinary and depraved,” said US Judge Richard M. Berman in handing down the sentence.

The federal Prosecutor’s Office had requested that he be sentenced to 25 years and the defense lawyers demanded 3 years for the defendant.

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