Gustavo Petro: “Better to have the woman embraced than the cold rifle in bed”

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, assured that "it is better to have a woman embraced than a cold gun in bed" by calling on young people not to go to the armed groups.

"The rifles are useless, sometimes in my experience I saw how the boys replaced the absence of the woman in bed with heat, or rather with the coldness of the metal of the rifle; they hugged him as if he were the woman and the rifle is useless for that, I can assure you"said Petro, who in his youth was part of the M-19 guerrilla group.

"It is better to have a woman embraced than a cold gun in bed"added the president as the final touch of an effusive speech of almost an hour before an excited crowd of peasants and coca growers in the municipality of El Tarra, in the Catatumbo region.

In Catatumbo, which is part of the department of Norte de Santander and is the region with the most coca plantations in Colombia, the first meeting of coca growers to design the bases of a new drug policy ended today.

Pushed by the laughter and shouts of the pavilion, the president thus made an appeal to lay down his arms or, rather, not to take them up, assuring that "The time has come for the one who commands not to be the rifle, for the man who commands to be the peasant and the peasant woman and the boy and the girl and the young man".

The first meeting of cocaleros from Catatumbo had a participatory process in an attempt to listen to all the proposals and establish a joint action plan.

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The cocaleros were divided into work groups throughout the municipality of El Tarra to make themselves heard and later bring the proposals to the Government.

Petro listened to the will of the cocaleros and peasants to give up coca in order to abandon the illegal economy in which they are immersed, but he also heard the warnings that it will not be an easy process and will require a lot of commitment from the Government.

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