The candidates for the Presidency of Colombia Gustavo Preto, from the leftist Historical Pact, and Federico Gutiérrez, from the conservative Team for Colombiagrow in voting intention for the May 29 elections and are heading to be measured in the second round, according to the study published by the pollster YanHaas.

Although everything seems to indicate that in the first round there will be no president, the truth is that the survey shows that Petro, by surpassing his pursuer by 12 points, would be proclaimed in the second round of June 19.

Petro rose three points compared to the same survey that was carried out in March of this year, when going from 37% to 40%, while Gutiérrez increased his intention to vote from 19% to 21%.

The third in this survey is the engineer Rodolfo Hernández, from the League of Anticorruption Leaders, who reached 12% of voting intentions. For its part, the study describes the candidate Sergio Fajardo as “the big loser”, since he fell three percentage points and stood at 7%.

While, Ingrid Bentancourt, Enrique Gómez and Luis Pérez failed to exceed 1%.

Specifically, Petro would reach 47% of the votes while Gutiérrez would mark 34%. The doubt is that 19% of those surveyed expressed their doubt regarding which candidate to choose.

From the Regional News Agency


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