Guru Randhawa and Terence competing for Nora Fatehi, Malaika Arora left the show after getting angry.

Actress Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa’s song ‘Dance Meri Rani’ is causing quite a stir. Nora Fatehi’s movements in this song have once again surprised everyone. Nora and Guru will be appearing on India’s Best Dancer 2 this weekend to promote their songs. During this, an atmosphere of fun and jokes was seen in the program. Seeing Nora once more on the show, Terence’s heart will start to beat and then there will be a competition between Guru Randhawa Song and Terence to impress Nora (Nora Fatehi New Song), not just in front of Nora herself. Seeing herself being ignored, Malaika Arora and Geeta Kapoor also leave the show.

The promo for the weekend episode of ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’ has already come out, in which Nora enters the stage with Guru Randhawa, after which Terence also takes the stage standing up from his chair and Nora (Nora) Let’s start dancing with Fatehi Dance). Right from the start, the show starts to rock, but the atmosphere suddenly changes, after which Malaika Arora Dance and Geeta leave the show. Then he says that we are not angry but we want to say a lot but they do not allow us to say anything. After this, the bittersweet fights between the three begin.

After this, the atmosphere of the show starts to get a bit romantic when host Manish Paul asks him what kind of guy he would like. Nora (Nora Fatehi Photos) says she likes strong and strong guys who are also painters. Then there is a race between Guru Randhawa and Terence to beat Nora. Overall, this episode will be packed with entertainment.

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