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Gulf country: The big problem of passengers is gone

Muscat: The Gulf state of Oman has issued an important explanation regarding coronavaccination at airports.

According to Arab media reports, Omani airports have clarified that the vaccination requirement has not been imposed on passengers to enter the airports.

According to Omani airports, the requirement for vaccination to enter or enter the country’s airports is only on staff or other staff members.

Airport employees or those involved in airport activities will only be able to enter airports after being vaccinated, otherwise they will not be allowed inside.

Passengers are not required to be vaccinated at airports, but must follow the rules and regulations set where they want to go.

That is, if a passenger has to go to a country and vaccination is required for that, then the passenger has to follow it. Similarly, if there is a condition of corona test before departure, then the airport will also do the test.


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