Güler unleashes the illusion

You can not enter with a better foot. That can be deduced from Arda’s first training sessions guler in it Madrid. Goals, watermarks, passes without looking… The Turk is going to highlights viral per session. Inside the club His ambition and self-confidence has caused a sensation. The expectations are getting higher, and it is not surprising. The shyness that was intuited in his presentation like new white player has mutated into daring and class when coming into contact with the ball. His reserved character and boyish appearance deceive. In the field he transforms. That’s where he communicates best, and he’s showing it like that.

The preseason has only just begun and both the coaching staff and the club are calm as far as Güler’s future is concerned, but that does not mean they are ignored the good sensations that until now it has transmitted. Starting with personality. “I rule out going on loan”he said as soon as he arrived. was the main condition that put the white club to sign, despite the competition, and his words have been accompanied by deeds. Not only does he want to fight for a place in the current squad, but he has already set to work to achieve it.

Despite having vacations until next Monday (he played the qualifying matches for the Euro Cup with Turkey, against Latvia and Wales on June 16 and 19, respectively), Arda brought forward her return to work by a week. The objective, to start convincing Ancelotti from now on and take advantage of the internationals to make themselves seen. Also adapt as soon as possible. And such a way he made it. In the locker room he has landed on his feet. His football has captivated locals and strangersespecially his dominance with the ball at his feet, and the passing of days has given him ease in social matters. In fact, in yesterday’s training session, a good part of the squad was seen cheering for one of his goals, with Kroos as conductor. The German, continuing with the role of father and teacher that he exercises (together with Modric) with the youngest, has welcomed him into his lap and already pampers the small details. Güler still can’t pronounce two words in Spanish, but the language of football is universal, and the squad on the pitch understands him. He was also seen celebrating the goal with Valverde, with a smile from ear to ear and euphoria through the roof.

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it is loosening with the passing of the days and that like a lot in the clubthat on Sunday, the day before his first day of work, he brought together the Turk and two other of the 5 signings of the summer at a dinner so that they could make friends. Bellingham, Güler and Brahim shared a table and first conversations at the Madrid restaurant ‘De María’. A simple and fast strategy with which to facilitate its adaptation. White fans have already traveled to the hotel where he is staying to ask for photos. With the fans, he is still perceived as timorous and self-conscious, but It already causes a sensation in Real Madrid. Both on the street and online (where Madrid publishes daily the best plays left in each training session).

Bellingham, Brahim and Arda Güler, during dinner.
Bellingham, Brahim and Arda Güler, during dinner.

His place is on the field and that’s where he wants to shine. He works for it, but he knows that it is not a simple company. With him, the list of midfielders in the squad rises to eight (not counting Brahim, whom the club’s website includes in the group of strikers), but the new scheme (4-3-1-2), which accommodates four midfieldershis first good feelings and the Ceballos injury Until Septemberthey open the doors of the team wide open Ancelotti wants to see him in the US. On the tour, the Turk will have four games to convince Reggiolo’s man that, at 18, he is ready. At the moment, at least, he excites. Güler is already unleashing passions and Real Madrid fans are smacking their lips. Welcome be the talent.

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