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Güler, on everyone’s lips in Türkiye

Güler, on everyone's lips in Türkiye

The signing of Güler by Madrid has meant a boom in Türkiye. The young man gets a good part of the information from his country’s sports newspapers and there the expectation around his figure is maximum. The videos of Güler in his first days as a Real Madrid player do not stop circulating and the Turks already affirmconvinced that his signing It is elderly caliber than that of bellingham.

Arda has managed to unite the different fans of Turkish football. Besides of thes Fenerbaçe fans, too those of clubs like the Galatasaray, Besiktas or Trabzonspor, despite the rivalry, shows excited about their young pearl and they believe that he has a chance of being a starter at Madrid. Güler has become Türkiye’s greatest possible ambassador. Something that LaLiga is going to benefit from, what will you see increased its following in the Ottoman country not only because of the arrival of the new 24 white, also due to the presence of compatriots such as Ilkay Gündogan, Çaglar Söyüncü, Cenk Özkaçar and Enes Ünal.

Several of his countrymen have already spoken about Güler. Starting with the former Turkish coach, Stefan Kuntz (who made him debut with the absolute) who compares him with Messi: “As the new Messiwill be treated like a soccer god. But it’s not Messi yet. Arda must train at a high level, keep playing. He still has to improve physically. He has an extraordinary talent, good technique, quality passingknows exactly where to run…. In short, he has his own sense of football, but talent alone is not enough. To have a great run, you have to say to yourself, ‘I’m not satisfied and I’m not going to rest, I’m never satisfied.’ It must be further developed,” he expressed.

For his part, Ismail Koybasiformerly of Granada, commented in As that Arda is a special player who can progress without working excessively, thanks to the natural talent that he treasures: “He deserves to be at Real Madrid, he was born to be a footballer. His personality and character are unique.. I think he will start many games with Ancelotti ”. Also Arda Turan He has been proud with the irruption of his namesake. “He is a very valuable person for soccer in our country. I think he will be one of the best footballers in the world. It will be better than me ”, she has come to take aim. And one thing is clear: guler is he man Fashion. She has already turned Türkiye upside down.

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