Guillermo Lasso recovers from a

The President of Ecuador, William Lasso, He is recovering at Houston Methodist Hospital in the United States, after having undergone a “successful” prostate operation.

The General Secretariat for Communication of the Presidency has reported the intervention, indicating that the president He is already in the room and that he will return to the country next Sunday.

Lasso announced this Tuesday that he would be absent from the country for five days, due to the medical intervention, noting that since it is an unofficial trip “the expenses that this displacement demands will be assumed by me.”

The notification was sent to the Constitutional Court, since the National Assembly, to which this information was to be made known, was dissolved last week when Lasso decreed what is known as ‘cross death’, a constitutional formula that implies the dissolution of the courts and the calling of legislative and presidential elections, arguing that there is a “serious political crisis” derived from the political trial against him.

The trial is based on an accusation for money laundering that derives from an agreement signed by the public company Flopec and that, according to the Comptroller’s Office, caused the country a loss of some 6.1 million dollars. The contract in question is still in force, although it was signed in 2020, during the Government of LenĂ­n Moreno, something that Lasso recalled.

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