Home Sports Guido Rodríguez speaks clearly about his signing for Atlético Madrid

Guido Rodríguez speaks clearly about his signing for Atlético Madrid

Guido Rodríguez speaks clearly about his signing for Atlético Madrid

The Argentine referred to the future that awaits him in LaLiga Santander

Although the gaucho midfielder Guido Rodriguez It is located in the output tray in the Betisit is not seen in the Atletico Madrid. He also confirmed it in a direct that he did for his followers of Instagramwhere he was answering question after question from his fans and Betis fans.

One of the questions that a user raised was regarding the clothing brand he belongs to image. “Although Guido leaves Betis, the brand Phy-Si stays?” The argentinian midfielder he reacted with a nervous laugh and attentively responded to the suspicious follower. “No, but where am I going to go? I’m staying here” sentenced Guido.

As far as he knows, his future is with Betis and he has not been notified by his team of a transfer to Atlético.

Apparently Guido Rodríguez has not been notified that he is in the outbox and Atlético is the one who manages his signing

The Sevillian club is preparing big changes to its squad for the 2022-23 season, in which they will surely have a place in an international competition, although they still do not know if it will be in the Champions League or Europa League. The fact is that the Argentine midfielder has been chosen to make money and thus have financial strength.

In a few words, Guido Rodríguez will be the one sacrificed to feed the Betic coffers, taking advantage of the fact that important offers weigh on him. One of them is from the mattress group, who sees him as the ideal replacement for Héctor Herrera. Andrea Berta is authorized to spend up to 40 kilos for the signing of the South American midfielder.

Arsenal also prowls the signing of Guido Rodríguez and alerts Atlético

For some time now, the gunner club has been probing the signing of the Argentine, since it is a piece that Mikel Arteta finds interesting. Now that the summer market is approaching, Arsenal is back in the ring and this time they come with an improved offer. Being the Premier League one of Guido’s favorite leagues, Atlético is at a disadvantage.

Although the economic power of the London team is higher than that of the Madrid club, Andrea Berta also has other strategies to persuade the Argentine. Simeone’s interest in having the former América de México in his squad is very great and that is why Atlético is going to play it in this transfer window.



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