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Guido Rodríguez prevents Betis managers from going bad

The Argentine top player has not yet defined his immediate future with the green and white

Real Betis still has The renewal of Guido Rodríguez is an important open issue. The fact is that the Albiceleste midfielder, whose contract expires in the summer of 2024, has not agreed on whether he will continue with Benito Villamarín or not. In fact, the offer made to him by the leadership confirmed that it had expired a few days ago.

Let’s remember this Guido Rodríguez is one of the best pivots in Spain and that’s why Real Betis wanted to accelerate its renewal, but so far without success. While all this was happening, teams like FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid began to pursue the Argentine’s arrival, but with no apparent progress. What is known about this operation has to do with a clear intention on the part of the leadership, although this would not be entirely true.

Renewal by Guido Rodríguez
The Argentine has delegated responsibility for his non-renewal to the management

Guido Rodríguez does not define his renewal with Betis, but he leaves the responsibility for it to the Betis leadership

In this way, it could be established that the international midfielder has now hinted that the villains in the story would be in the green and white club. This in the name of a publication in which he assures that his desire is nothing other than to continue playing for the club. and live in the city much longer.

In this order of ideas, the publication written by Guido Rodríguez, whose renewal raises doubts, has his daughter as protagonist. “We love this city and have a daughter from Seville. I hope I can grow in this beautiful place“. The talented player shared on Instagram that he still continues to raise doubts among fans.

According to the Argentine pivot, his wish is to continue in Sevilla and play for the Verdiblancos.

Therefore, the supporters of the Thirteen Bars club do not believe in the statements of the Argentine footballer. The reason for this is everything that has become known about his refusal to extend his contract and the expiration of the offer already made to him. On the contrary, they know that the idea that the pivot has is nothing more than a great improvement on the new bond signed.

We will then have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. For now, the Real Betis environment will continue to insist on the renewal of Guido Rodríguez, but now they think that everything has to happen on the player’s side. They will not give in to an operation that they have been trying to complete for a long time, but which has made no progress for him.

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