Guido is already the Betic with the most games and minutes played

The Betis suffered more than expected to eliminate Talavera in the Copa del Rey, which caused Guido Rodriguez I had to fully dispute the 90 regulatory minutes and the extension. The Argentine was the only one of the starting eleven who already recites the hobby from memory that started from the beginning and although Pellegrini’s idea was to give him rest throughout the game, It was not possible.

This has caused Guido either the footballer of the Betic squad that most games has played and what else minutes accumulate. And it is that to their participation as a verdiblanco, we must add their appearances with Argentina. In total, Guido Rodríguez has played 20 games with Betis Y four with their Selection. As for the minutes, the total of 1,680 are divided into 1,470 in his club and 210 with the Albiceleste.

It should also be taken into account that holidays by Guido Rodríguez they were shorter than those of the rest of his teammates, since he also disputed the America Cup in summer. That made him miss first two days of the League, his only absences in the championship in addition to the penalty game he served after his expulsion in the derby.

Shield / Flag Betis

In the Europa League has participated in five of the six days of the group stage, while in the Cup he rested in the first round but, in return, suffered the punishment of two hours of play against Talavera on Thursday night.

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