Guevara and the endless vein

The spanish motorcycling contributes half of the champions, a total of ten, in the winners of Moto3 or its previous equivalent of 125ccin the last twenty years. Izan Guevara was this Sunday the new addition. the pupil of Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’which also appears in that history, back in 1988, succeeds Peter Acostawhich in turn succeeded Albert Arenasan endless vein. There was a time in the past when these small displacements were open to veterans. Angel Grandson has seven titles in 125cc. But that was left for the annals. Now Moto3 is a nursery for young talent, a springboard that drives the final dream of succeeding in MotoGP. If we break down the list of winners of the queen category, we come across a parallelism: also ten of the last twenty titles are Spanish. The name correlation is not exact, but there are two that repeat: Marc Marquez and Joan Mir. The third involved is Jorge Lorenzothat although he was not crowned in 125cc, yes he did it twice in 250cc. The success in the minor categories is later reflected in the major stages, there is no doubt about that. Not all of them arrive, there is a selection, but many of the riders who now share honors with Guevara have been, or are, important people in MotoGP. we already talked about Marquez and Mir. add to Pedrosa, Bautista, Viñales, Álex Márquez, Jorge Martín…

Izan Guevara has celebrated the title in a special weekend, because all the winners have been Spanish. There has been a triplet, a usual fact in more recent times, but this season had not yet occurred. Alonso Lopez, in Moto2Y Álex Rins, in vibrant bid with Marc Márquez, in MotoGPhave finished the festival in the Australian GP. The last one was a little over a year ago, in the GP of the Americas. And we already missed him. There can be ups and downs, and in this course it has been lower than high, but motorcycling always picks up. Spain is a power. And it all starts with the youngest, with that inexhaustible quarry.

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